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Juli Kramer

Juli Kramer, PhD

A caring and approachable teacher, Juli is always ready to answer your questions. She honors where you are at on your fitness and health journey and brings a growth mindset to every class while inspiring you to lead a healthier and happier life.

Juli uses her 30+ years as an educator to teach you about the health, happiness, and longevity benefits of Chinese medicine. She is a diplomaed Chinese medicine nutritional therapist, and has received multiple certificates for TCM from Chinese institutions.

Juli earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction and Counseling Psychology and her MA in Psychology.

Improve your flexibility and coordination with this qigong sequence.

Tone your jawline and neck with this relaxing facial gua sha flow.

Massage your way to mental clarity and fewer headaches.

Addison Sheldon

Addison Sheldon

A thoughtful and supportive teacher, Addison uses her skills as a trained yoga teacher to design healing flows that include modifications for all levels of learners. Her beautiful style, grace, and calming voice help focus your mind to deepen your yoga practice. Addison is trained in a variety of yoga styles, including vinyasa, hatha, yin, and power. She is passionate about helping people find vibrant health and energy with yoga and other eastern forms of exercise.

During her free time, she is an avid rock climber and continues her work as a creative writer. Addison earned her BA in History Honors and International Relations.

Start your day with more energy with this sun salutation yoga flow.

Enjoy this full length mudras class to help eliminate tiredness and dissatisfaction. You will also boost your confidence.

Kubera mudra, to make your wishes come true.


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James Saper, R.TCM.P

James Saper, R.TCM.P

As an experienced Chinese Medicine practitioner and instructor of Chinese movement therapies, James is keen to share the wisdom Chinese traditions have to offer in practical and meaningful ways. Since 2002, he has run a Chinese Medicine clinic in Ontario, Canada and has practiced Tai Chi and related disciplines for over 20 years.

James is also a recording musician and student of the Chinese Guqin, a classical stringed instrument. His album, Five Landscapes, combines Chinese Medicine theory with meditation music. His degree and work in the environmental field led to an interest in environment & health and the healing properties of herbs. He was later among the first group of practitioners in Canada to qualify as a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCM.P.) You can visit James at eastmountain.ca.

Relaxing qigong sequence with Pebble in the Pool meditation

Increase flexibility in all of your joints to prevent pain and improve mobility.

Enjoy this healing eye massage sequence to strengthen your eyes and reduce anger.



Marielle is passionate about serving anyone that is consciously choosing to engage on their healing journey. And she loves doing it with some fun light moments along the way.

Marielle joins Radiant Shenti to share her gift of helping others through contemplation. She is a compassionate, nurturing, and effective holistic soul coach, energy healer and group facilitator with over twenty years of experience in these fields. She is a creative maven at heart, and her roots go far back as a fifth generation Chinese Canadian. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Please visit her at www.soulcoach.ca

Learn about the differences between contemplation and meditation.

Journey to your sacred space in the contemplation for emotional and physical healing.

Contemplation to connect with your inner child.

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